Zvezdara is home to three endowments. One of them is the endowed property of the great Serbian benefactor Nikola Spasić, where the Surgical Clinic of Belgrade City Hospital is located today. The endowment of Radmila and Milan Vukićević is found on Ruzveltova Street. Andrejević Foundation, established in Držićeva Street, is actively engaged in the promotion of scientific advancement in all fields of science. Among other sites relevant not just to Zvezdara but also to Belgrade is the Astronomical Observatory – one of the oldest scientific institutions in Serbia (founded on March 26 / April 7 1887). The Astronomical Observatory is an exceptional and highly valuable architectural complex designed by Jan Dubov, a member of the modern movement of architecture.

Areas of interest also include many bars and restaurants located along Lion, Đeram and Konjarnik, as well as historical monuments, churches (primarily orthodox) etc. The New Cemetery can also be regarded as an architectural and sculptural complex, featuring sculptures by Đorđe Jovanović, Simeon Roksandić, Dragomir Arambašić, Toma Rosandić, Risto Stijović, Sreten Stojanović, Ivan Meštrović, Petar Ubavkić etc. Besides the Alley of the Great, the Memorial Ossuary of the Defenders of Belgrade 1914–1918 is distinguished as an artistic whole, with its famous bronze statue of the Serbian Soldier-Victor.