Cultural Events

More than 70 cultural events take place in Belgrade every year. The City of Belgrade is the founder and sponsor of 11 festivals:


This annual film festival has been held since 1971. It is organized during the first quarter of the year.


The Belgrade International Theater Festival, createdin 1967, continuously follows and supports the latest theater trends. It takes place in September.


The Belgrade Music Festival, which started in 1969, is an international festival of classical music held at the beginning of October every year.


The Belgrade Summer Festival takes place at various locations around the city. It includes classical and pop music concerts, exhibitions ofinfluential artists, theater plays for children and adults. It is organized during the months of June and July.

International music youth competition

This festival, which began in 1971, is organized once a year. Young musicians from all continents are invited to compete in various solo and chamber disciplines. The jury is composed of world famousmusicians and internationally esteemed music teachers.

Belgrade documentary and short film festival

Established in 1953 and also called the March Festival, it is one of the oldest film festivals in Europe.

October salon

This representative biennial international festival is focused on the visual arts. Founded in 1960, it was modeled after the French salons in Paris, as an annual exhibition of the finest works of art created in Yugoslavia.As of 1967, it also includes the works of applied arts. Since 2004, it has become an international event and a significant reference for the Serbian as well as the regional art scene.

Joy of europe

The International Meeting ‘Children of Europe’ is organizedin early October every year. The performers and their audienceare children aged from 7 to 14. This traditional event dates from 1968. 


Belgrade book fair

The Belgrade International Book Fair is one of the oldest and most important literary festivals in the region. Its primary goal is to allow publishers, authors, booksellers, librarians, book distributors, multimedia companies etc. to make newcontacts, exchange experiences, close business agreements and establish other types of business and cultural cooperation.

Sopot film festival

The Sopot Film Festival started in 1972. It grew, developed, and in time reached international proportions. It is held in early July.

Belgrade jazz festival

The Belgrade Jazz Festival, established in 1971, is a member of the European Jazz Network. It is organized and produced by the Belgrade Youth Center every October.

The auteur film festival

The Author Film Festival is one of Belgrade’smost famous cultural events and an important date for all film lovers. It is scheduled for late November.

Museum night

Museum Night is a unique cultural spectacle that takes place in over 120 cities across the globe. Belgrade joined the event in 2005.

Guitar art festival

After two decades of existence,the Guitar Art Festival enjoys the status of one of five greatest and most influential international classical guitar festivals in the world. 

It has become the leading stage for world premieres, concerts, and the exchange of knowledge, practices and experiences among guitarists from all over the world.

Dis-patch festival

Dis-Patch festival was founded in 2002 as a continuation of the activities of the Belgradeyard Sound System collective, an independent organization dedicated to the promotion of new music tendencies, related art practices and the advancement of the local music and art scene through creating links between Serbian artists and audiences and established artists from around the world.

New Age

A comic book convention.

Devet (Nine)

Dev9t is an interactive event held in ‘Ciglana’ where everyone is invited to submit their works created in any one of the nine spheres of art.