The district of Lazarevac incorporates as many as 31 settlements. The area has a humid continental climate. In the crypt of Saint Demetrius Church, you can see the Memorial Ossuary in which tens of thousands of Serbian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers were laid to rest side by side. This is a rare example of the humanity of a nation, which buried enemy soldiers together with its own troops.

Owing to excellent conditions for practicing sports, Lazarevac has managed to organize an impressive number of sports activities in the area, boasting 53 active clubs and 5 federations and associations engaged in 14 different sports, with around 4,000 registered athletes of all ages. One of the highlights is the modern 22-station archery range “Tamnava”.

The famous mining basin “Kolubara”, dedicated to the production, transport and processing of coal, is located here. Očaga lake also belongs to this district of Belgrade.