Čukarica was made famous by the first sugar factory in Serbia, which was opened in 1900. Today, it is among the most important cultural monuments of the city. Čukarica is still a major industrial area in Belgrade. Its natural beauties include:Košutnjak (park and excursion site), Ada Ciganlija (the so-called Belgrade Sea), LipovicaForest (hunting  ground), Rakina bara (the only natural lake in Belgrade). Arboretum of the Faculty of Forestry (protected natural area) and the Belgrade Horse Race Track in Carevaćuprija. Owing to the large green spaces and water bodiesofČukarica, its visitors mayengage in various sports and recreation activities throughout the year (running, cycling, race walking, horseback riding, swimming, hunting, fishing, bungee jumping, water skiing, sailing…).