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Religious structures are an important part of the city’s cultural and historical heritage. In addition to many Orthodox churches and monasteries, Belgrade also has several Roman Catholic churches, two synagogues, a mosque and a number of places of worship for the members of other religious communities.

Rakovica Monastery

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Rakovica Monastery, with its church dedicated to the Holy Archangels, was built not far from Belgrade, in the valley of the river called RakovickaReka. [...]

Fenek Monastery

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According to legend, Fenek Monastery and its church dedicated to Saint Paraskeva, which are located near Jakovo, were founded by Despot Stefan Branković and [...]

Rajinovac Monastery

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Rajinovac Monastery and its church dedicatedtoThe Birth of the Blessed VirginMaryare located not far from Grocka, in the village of Begaljica. The first mention [...]

Tresije Monastery

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The monastery is dedicated to the Council of the Holy Archangels. The name Tresije comes from the namesake stream in whose bed it was [...]