Monument to Rigas Feraios

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The Greek writer, revolutionary and national hero, Rigas Feraios, was born in 1757. After the outbreak of the French Revolution, he believed that something [...]

Monument to Vuk

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Vuk Stefanović Karadžićwasa champion of Serbian Enlightenment, who lived and worked in the first half of the 19th century. He was the reformer of [...]

Horsemen’s Fountain

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The fountain was built in 1848, and the space around it was intended for the accommodation of the Turkish cavalry (delije in Turkish). The [...]

Čukur Fountain

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Čukur Fountain (Serbian: Čukur česma)isa memorial located in Dobračina Street in Belgrade. The fountain features a bronze sculpture of an apprentice boy who was [...]

The Awakening

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The female nude in this fountain,the work of sculptor Dragomir Arambašić, was created in 1920 andexhibited across Europe.Among others,it received an award of the [...]

Monument to Josif Pančić

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The monument in Belgrade was installed to commemorate Josif Pančić (1814–1888), Serbian medical doctor, scientist, botanist, and the first president of the Serbian Royal [...]

The Lookoutfrom Kajmakčalan

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One of Belgrade’s most unusual cultural monuments can be seen in the Pioneer Park –astone lookout made ofrocksbrought fromMt. Kajmakčalan, Greece. This is a [...]

Karadjordje’s Park

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Karadjordje Park is the authentic site of a camp in Vračar at which the liberators of Belgrade were stationed and killed during the First [...]

Monument to Borislav Pekić

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Borislav Pekić (1930–1992) was a Podgorica-born Yugoslav and Serbian author, novelist, playwright, screenplay writer and one of the founders of the post-communist Serbian Democratic [...]

Monument to Jovan Cvijić

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The Monument to Jovan Cvijić, a distinguished Serbian scientist, was installed in 1994. The statue was made by the academic sculptor Oto Logo, author [...]

The Fisherman Fountain

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The Fisherman Fountain (‘Battle’),also called The Unfortunate Fisherman, is situated in the main rondel of the Great Kalemegdan Park and is the work of [...]

Monument to Vojvoda Vuk

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Like so many other memorials in Belgrade, this monument was erected to commemorate Balkan Wars and World War I. Vojvoda Vuk – Vojin Pavlović [...]