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Pijaca, from the Italian word piazza, is the Serbian name for a market, especially a farmers’ market, but it can also mean a square, a marketplace or a wide street. Belgrade has many markets, situated both in the city center and in the peripheral districts. Thus, some 30 markets can be found in Belgrade, big and small, offering fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Here is a list of all of Belgrade’s markets and their locations in the respective city districts:


  • Banovo Brdo Market
  • Železnik
  • Bele Vode


  • Banjica Market
  • Brace Jerković
  • Voždovac Market
  • Dušanovac Market


  • Kalenić

New Belgrade

  • Bežanija
  • Block 44
  • Open-air Trade Center – Flea Market
  • Novi Beograd Shopping Center


  • Borča
  • Karaburma
  • Palilula
  • Krnjača Shopping Center


  • Vidikovac
  • Košutnjak
  • Miljakovac
  • Novo Kijevo
  • Secondhand clothes and damaged goods’ market


  • Gornja Varoš
  • Zemun Market


  • Konjarnik
  • Mali Mokri Lug
  • Zvezdara Market
  • Smederevski Djeram
  • Mirijevo

Savski Venac

  • Zeleni Venac
  • Senjak

Stari Grad

  • Skadarlija

From the above list, these are some of the most interesting markets that should definitely be visited in Belgrade, preferably in the early morning:

Djeram Market in Zvezdara

Address: Živka Karabiberovića 3

Djeram Market or Smederevski Djeram was named after the ‘djeram’, i.e. well that once stood in its vicinity and supplied fresh drinking water to the local population. This is one of the old city markets that used to exist before World War II, when Belgrade, and its markets with it, were devastated by bombing raids. In some parts of the market, the old ‘kaldrma’ – cobblestones dating from the period of Turkish rule can still be seen. Djeram Market offers homemade produce grown in the peripheral districts of Belgrade and the surrounding area (Mirijevo, Karaburma, Veliko Selo, Ljig, Valjevo…).

Bajloni Market in Stari Grad

Address: Džordža Vašingtona bb

Skadarlija Market, or as it is more often called Bajloni Market, was named after its founder, a Belgrade-based entrepreneur of Jewish descent. This market is located in the immediate vicinity of the bohemian quarter Skadarlija. It was also created before World War II, in the center of the city, as it was at the time. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, its visitors can buy various dairy products sold in the Milk Hall within the market.

Block 44 Market in New Belgrade

Address: Jurija Gagarina bb

This market is situated on the other side of Branko’s Bridge, in the part of New Belgrade called The Blocks. It was established soon after World War II, as the residents of New Belgrade needed a place where they could buy fresh food and other supplies. Today, this is one of the best organized markets in the city, covered by a roof and equipped with a sprinkler irrigation system and video surveillance. Also, this is one of the most frequented markets in New Belgrade. Besides greens, fruits and vegetables, you will find fresh meat, fish and dairy products.

The farmers mostly come from Smederevo, Paraćin and the region of Leskovac. Certified organic products are also available.

Kalenić Market in Vračar

Address: Maksima Gorkog bb

Kalenić Market is the largest and best known farmers’ market in Belgrade. It was built back in 1926, in a land lot donated to the city by the famous Belgrade’s pre-war benefactor, Vlajko Kalenić. This is also one of the best supplied markets in the area of Belgrade, and its offer, beside fresh fruit and vegetables, includes: honey and other bee products; cheese and dairy products; various types of food, as well as secondhand clothes and shoes. For the past few years, Belgrade Night Market has been held in this location, organized by the ‘City Markets’ Public Company and Redesign d.o.o. Several hundred participants take part in this event: artists, designers, artisans, catering companies and other service providers promote and sell their products and services, accompanied by an entertainment program available to all visitors.

Zeleni Venac Market in Savski Venac

Address: Jug Bogdanova bb

In 1918, the first assembly of the grocers’ association of Serbia was held in Zeleni Venac, and already in 1920 a market was constructed in this place. Zeleni Venac Market is located in the very heart of the city and is one of its best supplied and state-of-the-art markets. It followed the latest global trends even at the time when it was founded, which is why it got the nickname ‘Queen of the Markets’. The title also applies today, not just because of the rich supply of goods and the market’s modern organization with standardized dairy and meat halls, but also because of the conditions it provides both to the sellers (modern stalls, roofs, storage depots…) and to the buyers, with its generous offer of fresh produce. For decades now, farmers and traders from all parts of Serbia (Leskovac, Vranje, Valjevo, Srem, Višnjica, Slanci, Veliko Selo, Ovča, Borča…) traditionally bring their products to the Zeleni Venac Market.

Zeleni Venac Market has been declared a public good and placed under state protection. In 2007, it was reconstructed and partly renovated. Today, it remains one of the most up-to-date and best equipped markets in the Balkans.