The architecture of Belgrade is a treasure trove of various styles which speak about the city’s rich history, from the Oriental and Western European architecture, to the Socialist Realism of the New Age and the unique brutalist monuments. The oldest structure is the medieval Kalemegdan Fortress.

Each part of the city is marked by a dominant style – in the Old Town, some famous examples of Turkish architecture can be seen alongside the major works of both local and foreign architects of the 19th and early 20th century, created under the influences of Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Secession. A large number of representative buildings have been preserved in the city districts of Vračar and Savski Venac – modern villas dating from the period between the two world wars, when holiday homes were situated in these areas. Of special interest is the architecture created after World War II, dominated by concrete and the Le Corbusier type of functionality, which reflected the new socialist ideology of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, of which Belgrade was the capital. Zemun is a town of its own, marked by Central European architecture. The oldest public building in Belgrade is the mausoleum Damad Ali Pasha’s Turbeh, located in Kalemegdan, while the oldest house, dating from the 18th century, is found in Dorćol.

Zemun Fortress

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The only preserved portion of the medieval Zemun fortare the remains of the Citadel. This was a four-angled castle with a circular tower on [...]

The Old Core of Zemun

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The Old Core of Zemun is an urban matrix which developedin the 18th and 19th century under special historical conditions and in a specific [...]

Old Fairground

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Staro Sajmište (Old Fairground) wasbuilt as the first Belgrade Fair in 1937, owing to the joint endeavors of Serbia’s industrial owners, merchants and the [...]

Genex Tower

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A representative example of the brutalist architecture of the 1980s, Genex Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Belgrade, at 115 m and with 35 [...]

Eastern Gate of Belgrade

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Due to their monumentality and location near the high-way, the three skyscrapers called ‘Rudo’, located in the city district of Zvezdara, are popularly called [...]


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In 1974, when it was constructed, Beogradjanka was the tallest building in Belgrade,at the height of 101 meters.

Rančić House

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It is believed to have been constructed at the beginning of the 19th century, as a two-part Kosovo-type single-story house, with a horizontal porch [...]

Krsmanović House

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Located in 34 Terazije Street,it was built in 1885, according to the design of arch. Jovan Ilkić. Initially, this was supposed to be the [...]

Belgrade City Library

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Belgrade City Library was among the first structures designed under the influence of European architecture. In its immediate vicinity, Shopping Center Rajićeva was recently constructed, [...]

Captain Misa’s Mansion

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Constructed under the influence of eclecticism, Captain Misa’s Mansion was designed as a Renaissance palace. Its ownerwas Misa Anastasijević, the richest manin Serbia at [...]