Zemun lies across the river from Kalemegdan, on the other side of the Estuary. As one of the oldest settlements in the area of Belgrade, Zemun used to mark the border between Austro-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Parts of its architecture still reveal the influences of Western style. With its picturesque facades, gorgeous views of the Danube and the Estuary from the Tower of Gardosh and the Danube Promenade bustling with arts and culture events and entertainment venues, Zemun is the favorite outing place for families with children. At the heart of this district, you can still find many artisan shops and family-owned businesses.

Interestingly, all the religious communities present in the territory of the Republic of Serbia have their places of worship in Zemun, located only kilometers away from each other – several orthodox and catholic churches, a Franciscan convent, and the Jewish council.