Though it may be one of the smallest districts in Belgrade, Vračar offers a plethora of interesting sites and social events of all kinds. Its most significant building – and one of the largest churches in the entire Balkan peninsula – is the Church of Saint Sava, located in the central part of this city district. Next to the church, you will find the National Library of Serbia and the monument of Vožd Karađorđe, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising. Beograđanka, once the tallest building in the Balkans, is also situated here. Even now, at 100 m, it is still a leading example of high-rise construction, 20 years after it was built.

Vračar has four theatres and a dozen restaurants and bars which have famously hosted poets, writers, journalists and bohemians for many years.

Also situated in Vračar is “Gradić Pejton”, or rather “Peytonville”, the first trade center ever seen in Belgrade.