The population of the city district of Surčin consists mostly of Serbs, but there are also many Slovakians, Roma people and Croats. The most important building in terms of traffic is the international airport Nikola Tesla located in this district. Near the airport, you will find the Museum of Aviation, which owing to its rich collections (planes, air engines, radars, rockets, air traffic equipment etc.) offers visitors a unique opportunity to walk through a century of air traffic history.The protected natural environment BojčinForest is also found here, which provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy various activities in a natural landscape: running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding… The festival Bojčinskoletois traditionally held in the summer, where you can become acquainted with various ethnographic and cultural features and also enjoysome entertainment. The Fenekmonastery (15th century),which belongs to the group of monasteries of Fruškagora, has a lodge that offers accommodation. This used to be a women’s convent, but is today occupied by monks. The monastery is dedicated to the Holy Martyr Paraskeva. The first nautical village in Serbia is located in the village calledBoljevci. It provides accommodation and is the ideal place for summer trips, rest, recreation, fishing… Stajko’s Ethno House is also found in Boljevci, where you can learn about the history of cohabitation of Serbs and Slovakians in this area presented in a chronological order.